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  • lolo lala perception desire

    Perception Desire Collection Lolo Lala

    Perception Desire - New collection coming soon Lolo Lala by Virtuose Paris Get ready to feel elegant and sensual with our new up coming collection PERCEPTION DESIRE, LOLO LALA BY VIRTUOSE PARIS. We just [...]

  • Soft Silk Panty with Lololala by Virtuose Paris

    Soft touch silk panty by Lololala Available in a different colors, Lololala By Virtuose Paris introduces you some very cute Silk panties. We just can't resist to unveil for you those wonderful products 100% natural silk [...]

  • absolutely pom on virtuose paris

    Absolutely Pom: an elegant french brand

    Behind every brand, there's a creator. He's in charge of the spirit, the look, the quality of the products. Like a maestro will do with his orchestra, Mademoiselle Pôm Sevestre conduct "absolutely" her brand to her [...]


Elegance is the new sexy.
Lololala Lingerie Official Store by Virtuose Paris.

Lololala is a French Lingerie brand aiming to sublime women’s sensuality.
We bring elegant and cute inspired products in sexy landscapes.
Elegance is the new sexy.



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