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  • Soft Silk Panty with Lololala by Virtuose Paris

    Soft touch silk panty by Lololala Available in a different colors, Lololala By Virtuose Paris introduces you some very cute Silk panties. We just can't resist to unveil for you those wonderful products 100% natural silk [...]

  • absolutely pom on virtuose paris

    Absolutely Pom: an elegant french brand

    Behind every brand, there's a creator. He's in charge of the spirit, the look, the quality of the products. Like a maestro will do with his orchestra, Mademoiselle Pôm Sevestre conduct "absolutely" her brand to her [...]

  • beyonce virtuose paris sexy

    Portrait: Beyoncé, the real Queen B

    Beyoncé is the music scene: her last "surprise" album reached 1 millions sales within 3 days and eventually blocked itunes for a few hours with an "intense traffic". Sexy idol, married to the successful Jay-Z [...]


Elegance is the new sexy.
Lololala Lingerie Official Store by Virtuose Paris.

Lololala is a French Lingerie brand aiming to sublime women’s sensuality.
We bring elegant and cute inspired products in sexy landscapes.
Elegance is the new sexy.



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